Who is
Jonathan Werner?

Jonathan is a multidimensional connoisseur of life.
His heart delights extravagantly in joy, hope, peace, freedom & creativity.
He is known for having the devoted heart of a peaceful, unboxable, loving individualist who creates.

What I believe

I love life.

I am extremely passionate about living life, enjoying and sharing every moment of it.

My heart is for the world & humanity to be fully restored.

I believe that we are made for relationship and that we are supposed to live in union with our creator and all creation.

I believe that everything we do flows out of a state of being, of knowing who we are and what we are made for.

I am longing for the NOT YET SEEN, the STILL UNKNOWN, the OUT OF THE BOX.

I believe that creating is apart of who I am and who we are, something that naturally flows out of our beings, that while we are living, the great being of our creator is manifesting itself through all creation, through us, that the not understandable things become understandable.
All this leads to nothing else than praise.

My whole being is after seeing and calling worth out of everyone/thing who/that crosses me.
I believe that we all have the same worth and are made to love, honour and respect each other.

I love to highlight things that touch me for people to experience the same and getting changed forever.

I believe that surrendering everything does not lead to loosing all but to actually becoming whole and getting filled with everything and more.

I believe that vulnerability is key to love.
I believe that love has bought my life.

I believe that life is a process that gets better every moment.
Every moment is full of worth doesn't matter how long it lasts.

I believe that we are made to go beyond the boxes of worlds reality, to sustain for eternity in an endless, unbound state.

I love being active in everything we box in the word Art. Using basically everything we can experience with our senses to make an impact on our surroundings and ourselves.

Some ways of me expressing this are: Movies, Music, Painting, Graphic Design, Fashion, Acting, …